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Reliable Removalists in Bundaberg

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Experienced Furniture Removalists

What do you do when you need a lounge moved? Or when you need to store office equipment? You call Hornick’s furniture Removals on 1800 812 881—that’s what you do! We provide an extensive range of removal, transport and storage solutions for clients in Bundaberg – from Barolin Street to Elliot Heads Road. Our removalists make light work of even the toughest jobs, providing: 

And we pay extra attention to items that are fragile such as TVs, gaming consoles or glassware. Enjoy a stress-free move by getting in touch today! 

Hornicks Furniture Removals Boxes for Moving — Hornicks Furniture Removals in Bundaberg, QLD
Truck of Hornick's Removals — Hornicks Furniture Removals in Bundaberg, QLD

State-Of-The-Art Storage Facility

If you’re looking to store your furniture, car, boat, bike or anything in between, our storage facility is the perfect place. We pack your belongings ourselves to ensure they are safe and secure, whether you’re storing them for a day, a week, a month or a year. When it comes to storage, we provide:

  • Tea chest cartons 
  • Book cartons 
  • Wrapping paper 
  • Porta robes 
  • Boxes 
  • Mattress covers 
  • Lounge covers 
  • Plasma & TV cartons 
  • Bike cartons 

By using the above items and the correct packing techniques, your goods will be well looked after. Our storage facility is available 24/7 for your convenience and is away from the elements. To discuss your storage requirements, give us call today! 

Work with our team of removalists in Bundaberg to guarantee your belongings arrive at their destination on time and undamaged, no matter the size or type of furniture involved.

Rest easy knowing your furniture and goods are in safe hands thanks to our packing and storage services in Bundaberg. We will pack your items safely and ensure they are stored correctly.

Don’t let your furniture or goods get damaged by rain or sun; store them in our modern storage facility! We provide 24/7 storage in a safe and secure location near Bundaberg. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a removalist company?

There are several things that you should look for when choosing a removalist company. The first is experience and expertise, as this will help ensure that your belongings are handled safely and efficiently during the move. You should also consider factors like pricing, customer service quality, and insurance coverage to make sure that you are getting the best value possible.

What are some common mistakes people make when moving?

Some common mistakes that people make when moving include not properly packing their belongings, not hiring a professional removalist company, and trying to do the move themselves. These mistakes can often lead to damage or loss of belongings, as well as injuries and accidents during the move. To avoid these issues, it’s important to plan ahead, hire professional help if necessary, and take steps to protect your belongings during the move. 

What are the benefits of using a professional removalist company?

There are several benefits of using a professional removalist company, including experienced and expert staff who can ensure your belongings are handled safely and efficiently during the move. You can also benefit from having insurance coverage in case there is an accident or your belongings get damaged. Additionally, a removalist company will usually offer competitive pricing for their services, making it an affordable option.

What are some packing tips?

Tips for packing boxes include using good quality packing materials like bubble wrap or foam peanuts, filling the box to capacity so that your belongings don’t shift during transport and labelling the contents of each box clearly. You should also try to use smaller boxes for heavier items, as this will help prevent them from getting damaged during transport. Finally, keep fragile items like glassware or dishes in their original packaging if possible and make sure to keep these boxes separate from other items.

Professional Removals Service — Hornicks Furniture Removals in Bundaberg, QLD

We provide reliable, affordable and fast removal services in Mackay.

Moving house in Emerald? We can take care of all the furniture removal needs.

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Hornick’s Furniture Removals is a local Mackay company providing affordable home and office removals from Cairns down to Melbourne and across the ocean. Our experienced team can handle all items, including cars, bikes, pianos, and rare and fragile items. Contact us for a quote today.

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